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Mehron has been specializing in special effects makeup for many years! We have honed in on the craft and carry the essentials and innovative products. Special effects makeup is used for television and film, drama productions, photoshoots, halloween and more. 

We recommend a kit to get all the goodies you need. The ultimate kit is the Special FX All-Pro Makeup Kit!  Mehron's Special FX Kit is equipped with all the makeup and tools needed to create beginner to the most advanced makeup applications! This professional kit includes: Step-by-step pictorial instructions for special effects, 8-color palette with 4 Mask Cover shades and 4 CreamBlend shades, Liquid Latex, Squirt Blood, Large Powder Puff, 3D Clear Gel, Stage Blood, Coagulated Blood, Barrier Spray, Crepe Hair, 3 Stageline Makeup Brushes, Colorset Powder, Makeup Remover Lotion, Brush Cleaner, Spirt Gum & Remover, Tooth FX Blood Red, Tooth FX Nicotine, Rigid Collodion, Fixative A, Hair White, Modeling Putty/Wax, Extra Flesh, Bruise ProColoRing™, Stipple Sponge, Non Latex Sponges, Cotton Swabs, 2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes, and 1 Prosthetic Wound!

If you prefer to try single products we will give you a few fun ideas to get you started: 

We have an array of bloods, all which have a time and place for usefulness. Coagulated blood gel is one of the best on the market. This blood is thick and easy to use. Heres a video on how to use it:

We also love WAX! Wax has many purposes and we have a couple options but will focus on Extra Flesh today. Extra flesh has little fibers in the products giving it depth and texture. This is really great for rotting skin, scars and warts to name a few. It is easy to use, and re-use!

Spirit gum is the glue that holds it all together. When you need to glue something to the skin, this is what you use! You can stick on fake ears, noses, wax, gemstones, anything that doesn't weigh too much. Use spirit gum remover and then soap and water to get rid of all the adhesive. 

 While Mehron makes many different great face paints, we are loving the edge face and body makeup for its unmovable detail work. Just like the name says, it is great for lines and edges and completely opaque!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Please send pictures of your beautiful creations to be featured on our blog info@mehroncanada.com

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