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Whether you are unfamiliar or well versed in the realm of cosplay, it's an exciting interest. Cosplay is the practice of dressing up like a character from a book, television show, movie or video game. "Cosplay" is a shortened version of "Costume Play". You may have done a cosplay as your Halloween costume! There are conventions all over the world, movie premieres, competitions, guest appearances, charity events and more. 

If you have the passion or an interest in this exciting world you may have a need for Mehron's amazing products to make you dream character become a reality!



Makeup is an essential component to creating some of these characters. A trademark scar, an alien blue skin tone, a broken nose and so much more. 


Top cosplay makeup items (but not limited to!): 

Paradise Aq A great base makeup that comes in individual colors or palettes for you to create any makeup look. They are water-based available in matte and shimmery, metallic and uv colors. To be used as face and body paint. They are infused with cocoa butter making them soft and luxurious, as our makeup artists say "It smells like paradise". 

Creamblend Stick A thicker, full coverage foundation style makeup. Comes in natural skintones, as well as brighter character colors.  

Barrier Spray An essential product for Cosplay looks. Barrier spray will protect your skin and allow the makeup to last longer while you are showing off your look under lights for videos and photoshoots, while wearing the makeup for hours and other conditions!

Liquid Latex Liquid Latex is a versatile product which can be used to create unusual skin textures or to apply Crepe Hair and prosthetics as well as other projects.  Available in a variety of colors and sizes.




Happy Creating!


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