Classic Halloween Looks

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We all associate the season of Halloween with a few key characters.

We thought it would be fun to guide you to the right products to birth the makeup look of your dreams for this Halloween or the years to come. 

Here are our top FIVE picks:

Witch 🔮🧙‍♀️

Witch makeup look using mehron makeup


A witch might be the most well known Halloween character. From our favorite fairy tales to movies and plays, history and more she is one we love to dream up! A witch can be good or evil, pretty or ugly or a mix of all! 

We recommend starting with a color base such as green (like the classic evil witch from wizard of oz), a prosthetic or wax/latex made wart and dark lips!

Check out our 'witch kit' to have all the your products offered in one bundle

Zombie 🧟

Zombies had a boost in popularity with the help of shows like the walking dead and zombieland. But, they have been around for some time. Night of the living dead came out in the 60's and became a cult classic. 

Although they look complicated, a zombie makeup look is easy to do. Keep it super easy buy buying our kit. Or go with a ghoulish base like grey or white, use liquid latex for dead, rotting skin and maybe add a bit of blood or tooth color to finish it off!

Cat 🐈🐈‍⬛🐱😻

A favorite makeup look and costume for all ages, cats are one of our classic picks. A black cat may attract those who are superstitious. A striped cat inspired by the musical Cats! for those that love to perform. A cute white kitty like Dyna from Alice in wonderland for our book and movie lovers.

Clown 🤡

Clowns are another one that can give off different vibes. Or are you scared of the funny clowns too?! Clowns are so popular that clown college is a real thing!

Create your character by contemplating... How do I want others to see me? How do I see myself? Google pictures of clowns to see some common threads and voila your character will be born! 

We strongly suggest using clown white to start, which is a tried and true product made specially for clowns. 


Our clown kit even comes with a clown nose!


Last but not least on our list is a vampire! A personal favorite of mine. Also steadily popular with books like Dracula, movies like Interview With A Vampire and tv shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. The media has made vampires scary but sexy. Lighter faces, dark circles around the eyes to give you that dead look. Blood around the mouth from the latest feast muah ha ha! We like Mehrons coagulated blood for this effect


Hope you enjoyed reading this and that you might be inspired by the tried and true Halloween costume ideas. As always if you have any product questions or require a free consultation, email us at

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